Jody Parsons
Gautam Kumaran reflects on Aum Sacred Art owner, Jody Parsons. He is a writer at

If you were looking for an avatar to embody that rare and angelic constancy of commitment to all things healthy, wholesome and aesthetic, you might find no better example than Jody. The Master of Divinity from her theological training is high on life, drawing upon a store of enthusiasm that people half her age would struggle to muster. Hers is not the fickle enthusiasm that bubbles up, flashes bright and vanishes, waiting for the spring time to return. Rather, it is the steady optimism of one who has learnt to live a life of balance and grace. Underlying that charm is a quiet strength of soul, and the beautiful rhythm of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, which along with the immersive practice of Kaya Kalpa, and Transcendental Meditation, fuels her tireless energy, and her enormous creativity.

Jody makes her home, together with husband Richard, in a quiet enclave in the scenic California beach city of Carmel. The couple are in the phase of life which in the Vedic scheme of things is called vanaprastha (meaning forest dwelling), where one traditionally gives oneself over to a deep inquiry of the spirit. Jody’s vanaprastha is one of active engagement with the wider world as family. She is a Director at Aum Sacred Art, an enterprise devoted to bringing the joy and blessings of sacred art into people’s lives, while also giving back to deserving communities across the world.

Jody can be cerebral and intellectual, but she is also intensely practical. Organized, timely and focused in just about every aspect of life that can be so, she is queen of the art of being clutter free, with the environment of her tastefully decorated Vaastu home providing a perfect backdrop. There’s scarcely anybody unacquainted with the old adage, ‘health is wealth’. Jody is one of the few who genuinely lives the principle, knowing that being fit as a fiddle is of tremendous help to her explorations of the spirit. This star student of the school of life epitomizes the Greek ideal of kalokagathia, inner and outer beauty in a happy and healthy harmony.