Emerald Necklace with Animal Spirit Clasp


Power, Grace and Beauty

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Detail: Emerald necklace with animal spirit clasp has 14 strands of faceted emerald with an animal spirit clasp of sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and jade, 24”.

Emerald necklace with animal spirit clasp features emerald, the stone of good luck and beauty, associated with the heart chakra; it brings vitality, wisdom, beauty and insight. It helps with patience and honesty. The stone of dreaming, jade attracts abundance and prosperity. It represents harmony and happiness in business and family.

In many traditions, totems, especially of spirit animals, speak to a rich mythology. The dragon, for example, is associated with strength and valor, while the jaguar, by contrast, symbolizes natural feline grace and agility. Our inspiration for this series is best conveyed by the Sanskrit word ‘Anika’, an epithet of the Divine Feminine, denoting both power and grace in perfect harmony.

This necklace is part of AUM Sacred Art’s Palindrome Collection. Palindromes are numbers (or words) that read the same backward or forward, and are energetically considered to bring good luck.

Our Palindrome collection of healing gemstone necklaces has been designed with the expert guidance of Vaidyaji Priyanka. Timing amplifies power, and Vaidyaji chose palindrome days to design this signature collection of necklaces using the most auspicious gemstone combinations for 2022 and beyond.

The precision of timing enhances their healing potency to stay active for many years to come. Each of these pieces has been further blessed through dipping in a holy river in India, and infused with sacred energies from spiritual masters and healers.



A portion of the proceeds from your Aum Sacred Art purchase is donated to organizations that enhance and support the health and education of women and children.

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