Orange and Cream Print Scarf


100% Marble Chiffon Silk

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Orange and cream print scarf is an original design by Vaidyaji Priyanka,100% marble chiffon silk. Orange and cream print scarf has a triangle print and red fringe, 46″ x 82″ (117 x 208 cm). Material is very soft and can be worn as a shawl or tied as a scarf.

In addition to our Aum Sacred Art Signature collection of original designs by Vaidyaji Priyanka, our  silk, wool, silk-wool blends, cotton and pashmina shawls and scarves are selected from our trusted sources in India reputed for their fine and authentic quality.

Our shawls are selected to accompany Aum Sacred Art jewelry.

Each piece of Aum Sacred Art jewelry is authentically designed in accordance with the classical knowledge and science of gemstones from the Vedic lineage Kaya Kalpa tradition. Kaya Kalpa is known as the ideal treatment for health, vitality, longevity and higher consciousness. It literally means “body rejuvenation.” Through the practice of Kaya Kalpa, we awaken regenerative powers within ourselves and create transformed consciousness for the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

Our jewelry is handcrafted in India by a select group of individuals from artisan families. Each piece is also blessed by sacred geography, dipped in a holy river, and infused with sacred energies from spiritual masters and healers.

A portion of the proceeds from your Aum Sacred Art purchase is donated to organizations that enhance and support the health and education of women and children.

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