Two-strand Chalcedony, Copper Hematite and Carnelian Necklace


Courage and Stability

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Detail: 2 strands faceted 3mm copper hematite, with one strand faceted 6-8 mm peach chalcedony and 3 faceted 11 mm carnelian, vermeil clasp, 24”. Dipped in the junction of 3 holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati (Triveni Sangam).

Copper encourages a positive attitude and improves decision-making; helps with harmony in the family. Hematite symbolizes courage, is grounding, encourages spontaneity and zest for life and dissipates negativity. Chalcedony promotes nurture and aligns body, mind and spirit and absorbs negative energy. Carnelian activates creativity and passion, brings action and movement and enhances the ability to use personal power in the physical world. It is stabilizing, restores vitality and motivation, stimulating creativity and courage. Helps to overcome fear and embrace change and transformation.