14-Strand Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Necklace



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Detail: 14 strand necklace with 3 mm lapis lazuli with off center 35 x 7 mm round lapis disks and 20 mm off-white shell essence pearls, sterling silver knotted vermeil and sterling silver clasp bordered by 2 faceted 10 mm turquoise beads, sterling silver clasp, 28”.

Lapis lazuli is the stone of spiritual love which brings vitality, wisdom, mental endurance, creative expression and inner vision. It carries the vibration of the inner king or queen. Pearls are symbolize purity, and represent wisdom gained through experience; they bring focus to the mind and are centering and calming. Turquoise is said to protect travelers and property, bringing emotional balance, spiritual expansion, peace of mind and well-being.