Ethiopian Prayer Beads with Lemon Quartz/Mixed Sapphire and Azeztulite



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Detail: 9 mm Ethiopian prayer beads, interspersed with faceted 12 – 13 mm lemon quartz-mixed sapphire beads, 2.5 x .5” yellow sunset azeztulite pendant with semi-precious gemstones representing the seven chakras (red garnet, root; carnelian, sacral; citrine, solar plexus; peridot, heart; throat, aquamarine; third eye, sapphire; crown, amethyst; 32”.

Satyaloka yellow azeztulite is good for enlightenment, light body awakening and aligning with the Divine. Lemon quartz helps balance and strengthen clarity, communication and happiness and brings good luck; sapphire represents fulfillment of ambitions, dreams and goals and is good for emotional balance.