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DETAIL: Pearl necklace with pavé diamond bauble is 18.5″. The pearls are pink and champagne spring pearls from Osaka, with pavé  diamond bauble from Old Delhi, India.

Pearl  necklace with pavé diamond bauble symbolizes purity and wisdom gained through experience, bringing focus to the mind and promoting contentment well into old age. Diamonds enhance inner vision and stimulate the imagination. They promote truth, vision and alignment with the higher mind.  They bring positive physical and spiritual energy to any situation.

This necklace is part of AUM Sacred Art’s Palindrome Collection. Palindromes are numbers (or words) that read the same backward or forward, and are energetically considered to bring good luck.

Our Palindrome collection of healing gemstone necklaces has been designed with the expert guidance of Vaidyaji Priyanka. Timing amplifies power, and Vaidyaji chose the palindrome days of December 2021 to design this signature collection of necklaces using the most auspicious gemstone combinations for 2022 and beyond.

The precision of timing enhances their healing potency to stay active for many years to come. Each of these pieces has been further blessed through dipping in a holy river in India, and infused with sacred energies from spiritual masters and healers.

Each piece of Aum Sacred Art jewelry is authentically designed in accordance with the classical knowledge and science of gemstones from the Vedic lineage Kaya Kalpa tradition. Kaya Kalpa is known as the ideal treatment for health, vitality, longevity and higher consciousness. It literally means “body rejuvenation.” Through the practice of Kaya Kalpa, we awaken regenerative powers within ourselves and create transformed consciousness for the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

A portion of the proceeds from your Aum Sacred Art purchase is donated to organizations that enhance and support the health and education of women and children.

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