Amethyst and Pearls with Azeztulite Chakra Pendant


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Detail: 4 strand necklace with 4.5 mm amethyst hearts, 4 mm copper color pearls, and 52 mm sunset azeztulite pendant with inlaid 6 mm semi-precious gemstones representing the seven chakras (red garnet, root; carnelian, sacral; citrine, solar plexus; peridot, heart; throat, aquamarine, third eye, sapphire; crown, amethyst), sterling silver clasp, 28”.

Amethyst is good for overall protection, physical, mental and emotional balance. It is cleansing and calming. Pearls symbolize purity and represent wisdom gained through experience; they bring focus to the mind and are centering and calming. Satyaloka (yellow) sunset azeztulite is good for enlightenment, light body awakening and aligning with the Divine. (The Book of Stones)