Mookaite and Baroque Natural Pearl Two-Strand Necklace


Positive Decision-Making

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Detail: Two- strand knotted vermeil, 4.8 mm faceted mookaite and 4.6 mm baroque natural earth-tone pearl necklace, vermeil clasp, 21”. Dipped in the  junction of 3 holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati (Triveni Sangam).  

Mookaite is a grounding and nurturing stone, helps with decision-making, creativity, protection, communication, building self-esteem and moving forward in life. It supports and sustains during times of stress, brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Encourages versatility and helps the wearer to accept change. Pearls symbolize purity and represent wisdom gained through experience; they bring focus to the mind and are centering and calming and promote contentment well into old age.