Pearl, Aquamarine, and Citrine Necklace


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Pearl, aquamarine and citrine necklace has unique pearls from a monastery in Canton, 4-14 K knotted vermeil chains, with small faceted aquamarine rondelles, four faceted citrine and eight 14K gold balls and 14K gold chain, 32″.
pPearl, aquamarine and citrine necklace has pearls, which symbolize purity and bring focus to the mind and are centering and calming. Aquamarine is a calming and soothing stone that has been a good luck talisman since ancient times. It protects travelers, is cooling, soothing, empowering; good for the brain/intellect/study; enhances clear communication. Citrine clarifies thoughts, builds self-worth by dissolving negative energies. It is energizing, encourages action, abundance, joy, and manifestation.

A portion of the proceeds from your Aum Sacred Art purchase is donated to organizations that enhance and support the health and education of women and children.

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